5 Astonishing Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

5 Astonishing Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Jun 01, 2020

Having a dazzling white smile is something most people desire. This need can be spelt out by the number of teeth whitening products that are stocked in stores and pharmacies globally.

Anyone who has had stained or discolored teeth understands how frustrating it can be to have to live with such a dental issue. This dental issue can negatively impact your confidence and overall social life.

A white smile can go a long way in boosting your confidence and self-esteem. It is, therefore, no wonder that more and more people are in pursuit of this cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Home tooth whitening kits are a widely available solution for individuals who want a whiter smile; however these products do not usually work as they are advertised.

It is also crucial to consult your dentist before using any DIY teeth bleaching compound to certify that the product you have in mind will not affect the integrity of your natural tooth in any way.

Home teeth whitening products produce varied results, and this fact alone has forced most of our patients to opt for a professional teeth whitening treatment instead.

Our Phoenix dentist uses the zoom whitening system, which is one of the best professional whitening systems globally.

Reasons Why You Should Opt for Professional Teeth Whitening

Here are some of the reasons why getting our dentist to whiten your smile is a perfect idea:

  • It’s A Safer Option

    Some of the over the counter whitening products if incorrectly applied, can damage your gums and also result in tooth sensitivity after application.

    Tooth sensitivity arises when your teeth are overexposed to a high concentration of the whitening agent.

    Having our dentist bleach your teeth instead, will ensure that the bleaching component is expertly applied, and adjusted to avoid damaging your gums and causing severe teeth sensitivity.

  • Transformative Results are Guaranteed

    Home whitening kits have been known to produce varied results in different cases. You may purchase a kit and after an application, fail to see any difference or see uneven or partial whitening results.

    Some products only produce viable results after repeat applications, which means you will be forced to spend more money to get your white smile.

    With our in-office whitening option, you are guaranteed to see a transformed, brighter smile immediately after your dental procedure.

  • Customized Treatment

    DIY whitening products come in a one size fits all package. This is why you can end up buying a whitening strip or tray only for it to be ill-fitting, which will translate into an uneven result.

    With our in-office whitening system, you will be guaranteed of a session to suit your specific need. Not only are the trays customized to fit you perfectly, but the level of whitening is also customized to your desired level.

    This means that you can pick what shade you want to move to, for instance, you could opt to go a shade lighter or even go all out white.

  • Expertly Done

    Teeth stains can be classified as either intrinsic or extrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains are mainly attributed to lifestyle choices such as smoking, or the foods and beverages we consume that result in staining.

    While intrinsic stains are as a result of factors within your tooth such as decay, when conducting home whitening, you may not know what is causing your tooth discoloration, and this may not produce the desired result.

    Having our dentist bleach your teeth means that you will be in the hands of a vastly experienced professional, who can help you achieve your desired goal. Our dentist will be able to identify the type of stains you have and device the proper treatment plan that will work for you.

  • Better Overall Oral health

    Our dentist will give you a thorough dental examination before this cosmetic procedure. This is done to ensure that you do not have any underlying dental issues such as periodontal diseases and decay which compromise your overall oral health before whitening your teeth.

    Whitening teeth that are decayed or weakened can result in tooth sensitivity, and this can be quite a painful scenario.

    Getting an expert to handle the whitening means that other than having a whiter smile, our dentist will get a chance to check on your overall oral health all together.

    At Encanto Family Dental Care, we have an experienced dentist who is available to answer all your questions concerning teeth whitening and guide you through what to expect during and after this cosmetic procedure. We are ready to help you achieve your beautiful smile today.

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