5 Reasons to Get Dental Veneers

5 Reasons to Get Dental Veneers

Oct 05, 2022

Cosmetic dentistry provides several options to improve the appearance and health of teeth. One of the options offered by the dentist in Phoenix, AZ, is dental veneer installation. It is a process that involves placing thin tooth-like shells over flawed or damaged teeth. The veneers cover the front surface and sides of the tooth, disguising its appearance. Read on for more about veneers.

Reasons to Get Dental Veneers

The dentist at the dental offices near you may recommend dental veneers for the following reasons:

  1. Protecting chipped, cracked or fractured teeth

Dental veneers are placed over structurally damaged teeth to strengthen and protect them. In addition, they prevent further damage by lessening the pressure put on teeth when chewing.

  1. Filling small gaps between teeth

Small gaps between teeth are not aesthetically pleasing. They also affect oral health since plaque and bacteria hide in them. The dentist will use veneers that match the color of the teeth to plug in the gaps.

  1. Rectifying the shape of a tooth

The dentist may use veneers if your front teeth are uneven or irregularly shaped. These shells are designed to make the teeth appear well-shaped and balanced. They also rectify small dental misalignments resulting in straighter teeth.

  1. Covering permanent discolorations

Permanently stained teeth do not respond effectively to teeth whitening treatments. Therefore, the dentist will use veneers if patients with permanently stained teeth want a whiter smile. They will choose the material and shade of shells that enhance the color of your teeth.

  1. Preventing enamel erosion

The tooth enamel may wear away, resulting in tooth sensitivity, decay and discoloration. When this happens, the dentist places veneers to stop further deterioration and erosion. They will also alleviate tooth sensitivity.

The Dental Veneers Procedure

A dental placement procedure by the dentist in Phoenix, AZ, is easy and requires one to two dental visits. The first appointment involves evaluation and preparation. On the other hand, the second consists of the veneer installation. In some dental offices, you may have your smile makeover in a day due to the CAD/CAM technologies.

Here is a closer look into the conventional dental veneer process.

  1. The first step involves discussing the patient’s dental issues, oral health and medical history. Your dentist will ask about allergies, negative lifestyle habits and bad oral habits. The expert will also inquire about your desired smile. They will help you choose from the different types of veneer materials.
  2. They will examine your mouth to check for issues that need addressing before the procedure. These include gum disease, tooth decay and cavities. The dentist will perform a teeth whitening procedure if you want a whiter smile.
  3. The dentist will start preparing your teeth for veneer placement. They will administer anesthesia and sedative if necessary so that you remain relaxed. Next, the expert will grind your tooth surface for easy veneer attachment. They will also remove a small enamel layer from the tooth’s front and sides so that the teeth do not look bulky.
  4. The dentist will fabricate a mold of the prepared teeth for perfect customization. They will send it to a lab in the dental offices where the veneers are fabricated. The preparation takes a few days. Therefore, the dentist will place temporary veneers on your teeth. They help protect the teeth and prevent extreme tooth sensitivity.
  5. Your dentist will schedule the second appointment when the customized shells are ready. They will first check if the new veneers fit over your teeth and match the shade of the other teeth. Then the dentist will proceed if no alterations are necessary.
  6. They will clean and disinfect the teeth to ensure no bacteria or plaque remains. This step helps keep the teeth from decaying beneath the veneers.
  7. Finally, the dentist will apply dental cement to the surface of each tooth and attach the tooth-like shell. They will use ultraviolet light to dry the adhesive. After, they will check your bite and ensure you are comfortable. They will finish by cleaning the area and instructing you on the veneer’s care.

Dental veneers are aesthetically appealing and useful for various dental concerns. Now that you know how they improve your smile consider getting them at Encanto Family Dental Care. Our team provides multiple types of dental veneers using the latest technologies. Schedule an appointment for a smile makeover using dental veneers.

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