8 Essential Dental Implant Care Tips

8 Essential Dental Implant Care Tips

Nov 06, 2018

Losing a tooth can seem like a big deal and can have a large impact on your self-esteem and confidence. However, getting a dental implant in Phoenix, AZ can be an ideal solution. The dentist in Phoenix can provide an implant that functions just like a normal tooth. Since they are inserted into your jawbone, they must be cared for like any other normal tooth. They require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Brush Daily

Just like with normal teeth, if you have a dental implant, you must brush it daily so it remains healthy.

Electronic Toothbrush

Electronic toothbrushes can provide a much more thorough cleaning than a regular one. It can also handle hard to reach places better.

Clean Properly

Make sure you are brushing around your gums and implant correctly. Also make sure you are flossing regularly. If you have a fixed implant, brush the restoration the same way you would if it were a regular tooth. If you have doubts about your cleaning style, ask your dentist.

Use Floss Threaders

Picking up some floss threaders is not such a bad idea. These can reach around your implants and be helpful in flossing hard to reach places. Special types are available. These include foam coatings that clean around your gums, implants, and prosthetics. Discuss these different options with your dentist.

Think About Other Brushing Options

There are small dental brushes that are called ‘proxy brushes’ or interdental brushes. These are created with the intention to clean between teeth and implants. It should not replace your normal brushing and flossing, but it can help with areas that you might otherwise miss.

Pick the Right Toothpaste

Toothpaste is designed for natural teeth and contain fluoride. This will not hurt your implants, but you should check all ingredients before picking out your toothpaste. Some contain baking soda or stain removers that could damage the glaze on porcelain implants.

Use Mouthwash

There are many mouth rinses out there that will give you fresh breath. Avoid those with alcohol because this can lead to dry mouth.

Continue to see your Dentist

Make sure that just because you have dental implants that you don’t stop seeing your dentist. Having regular cleanings done is still important to your oral health. You can talk to your dentist in Phoenix to make sure you know how often to come in.

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