A Dental Crown Should Allow You to Comfortably Bite and Chew

A Dental Crown Should Allow You to Comfortably Bite and Chew

Nov 01, 2022

A dental crown is a reliable, affected, and long-lasting option to repair the decayed and damaged tooth. The process usually takes two visits that last for nearly one hour. During this, the dental laboratory fabricates the customized crown as per the specifications. Today, there are multiple choices available for crowns.

The most common material that the dentist uses includes ceramic or porcelain. Once you have the permanent crowns, eating will become easier. You will feel glad that you took some time for your dental health care. A crown protects the leftover tooth structure from further damage and prevents infection by shutting down the damaged region.

What to Expect from the Crown Procedure?

Dental crowns at Encanto Family Dental Care offer benefits to your appearance. Thanks to the state-of-the-art dental materials that imitate the tooth enamel. The dental professional will ensure that the restoration has a tailored fitting and holds its position for longer.

Eating with a permanent dental crown is the same as that with temporary crowns. The dental expert will usually tell you to be aware of temporary caps because they are manufactured using plastic and can damage quickly.

However, the permanent crowns will need some time to get hard before you consume food comfortably. After the anesthesia fades away, you will get to your comfort level. Your gums may feel tender for a few days. After 24 hours, you can enjoy food as you did before the procedure.

But permanent crowns are highly prone to damage as compared to temporary crowns. That is why you should be mindful of what you eat and drink. After the crown procedure, the dentist will give some instructions to follow. These include:

  • Do not chew hard, chewy or sticky foods. They can dislodge or break the cap.
  • Move the bulk of chewing to the opposite side of the mouth.
  • When cleaning your mouth, avoid lifting the flossing material. Instead, slide it out.
  • Visit the dental clinic near you once or twice every year.
  • Say no to beverages and foods that lead to the rotting of teeth.
  • Prefer only soft food varieties like yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc. It will prevent damage or irritation to the dental crown while healing.
  • Avoid highly cold or hot substances.
  • Do not consume dark-colored drinks. It will ensure that your smile stays as even as possible after getting the dental crown. Always use a straw if you are drinking them.

Different Crown Materials Provide Different Degrees of Support

If you have a damaged or worn-out tooth, dental crowns can help with your smile. Porcelain crowns are natural looking. These dental restorations offer coverage for the vulnerable tooth and are highly stain-resistant. However, if you have a premolar or molar that needs restorative treatment, the dentist will suggest a metal crown. It will ensure that the tooth stays protective for longer.

How Crowns Help You Return to Better Chewing and Biting?

Today, cavities are the most common dental damage experienced by many people. Dental crown placement can protect them from cavities and enhance your smile by helping you achieve better biting and chewing function. There are also other reasons why you need this dental restoration. For example, in the case of a weak, cracked, or chipped tooth or a history of teeth grinding or TMJ dysfunctioning.

Change Your Behavior to Reduce the Risk for Future Dental Issues

Regular preventive dental care at the dental clinic near you is vital to avoid dental troubles that need crowns in the future. It includes scheduling an appointment for dental checkups and dental cleanings in Phoenix and caring for your dental health each day.

However, if you feel sensitivity or soreness in your mouth upon waking up, there is something wrong. You might be experiencing the repercussions of grinding. Tell this immediately to the dentist Phoenix AZ.

Get General Dentistry Services Today

Modern dental crowns are manufactured using life-like materials. It helps you preserve the quality of your smile while keeping the vulnerable tooth damage free.

Dental crowns offer protection to your mouth as long as you practice smart dental healthcare at home. If your previous crown or tooth bridges feel weak or loose, immediately get in touch with a dental expert.

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