Benefits of Single-Tooth Dental Implants

Benefits of Single-Tooth Dental Implants

Nov 16, 2018

Almost every adult in America has lost a tooth or will lose one before hitting senior years. Many people who have lost a single tooth to decay or accidents do not seek dental treatment. If you have lost a single tooth, consider having an implant for the following benefits.

What is a single-tooth implant?

A single tooth dental implant is among the most popular tooth loss treatments. This is a long-term procedure that introduces a titanium rod into the jaw to replace the root of the missing tooth. Dentistry in Phoenix requires proper examination of your dental formula including teeth, gaps, jaws, and skull.

A maxillofacial surgeon is often involved. The process involves the drilling of a safe titanium device directly into the jaw. The procedure should be done in a clinically sanitized environment. It takes less than an hour, and then you can go on usual duties.

How a single-tooth implant is done

On top of the titanium rod, your dental surgeon fits a white crown. He will order for the manufacture of a personalized crown in advance. It perfectly matches the shape, tone, and color of your natural teeth. The result is so impressive that you cannot tell the artificial tooth from the natural ones.

After getting your dental implants in Phoenix, AZ, you should avoid hard foods for a couple of days. As the crown takes shape, avoid heavily colored foods such as coffee, tea, fruits, and alcohol. While the rod can last your entire life, the crown may need replacement after 10-15 years.

Benefits of a single-tooth implant

You will be able to bite, chew and digest food better with an implant than with a gap in the jaw. A dental implant dentist in Phoenix will help to correct the way you speak. Additionally, the new root attaches to the jaw bone, stimulating it to remain strong and healthy.

A missing tooth can increase the chances of gum disease and facial deformities. The sensitive jaw bone is exposed to bacteria which can further cause decay to other teeth close to the gap. Having discovered the benefits of a single-tooth dental implant, it is time to look for dental implants near you.

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