Can I Get My Teeth Cleaned without a Dental Exam?

Can I Get My Teeth Cleaned without a Dental Exam?

Jun 01, 2023

A routine dental exam and teeth clean go hand in hand. When you visit your dentist for your six monthly appointment it helps if you allow them to examine your teeth no matter how well you brush and floss daily. Dentists want you to keep your teeth and gums in perfect shape.

However if you like many people are confused about why you need to go through a dental exam and x-rays before getting your teeth cleaned wouldn’t you think it might be sensible to schedule a cleaning appointment with the dentist near me instead of wasting time on a dental exam? Unfortunately things are not as simple as you imagine.

This article explains the reasons behind getting a dental exam and x-rays before a cleaning. We hope you continue reading to learn why missing a dental exam can put you in more trouble than you imagine.

The Importance of Dental Exams Prior to Teeth Cleaning

Dental exams are incredibly important for various reasons. Here are some that should help you understand why you should go for a dental exam before a cleaning.

Detect Dental Problems: you might walk into the dentist’s office expecting a simple cleaning without realizing you may have severe problems with your teeth that need attention. When the dentist examines your mouth they might learn you have periodontal disease or some cavities on and between your teeth after taking x-rays. You will likely not benefit from a dental cleaning if you leave infections in your mouth unattended because it helps if you undergo the routine evaluation to receive appropriate suggestions for treatments before your dental cleaning.

It Helps Save Time: dental exams help save considerable time you would otherwise waste on dental appointments because the evaluation by the dentist is intensive. The dentist will look at your oral cavity to ensure everything is fine. Dental x-rays enable the dentist to look inside the oral structures to confirm everything is fine with your mouth. Dental checkups and cleanings are completed by the dentist in approximately one hour or fewer if you do not have any issues with your teeth and gums.

The Dental Cleaning Procedure

Dental hygienists perform the dental cleaning and start by using a tiny mirror to examine your gums for bleeding and inflammation. Using the tiny mirror and a scaler the highest will remove dental plaque accumulated on the gumline and beneath. The scaler makes a scraping sound which appears scary without causing any pain or discomfort. The hygienist aims to remove hardened tartar on your teeth and below the gumline to prevent you from becoming a victim of gum disease.

After plaque and tartar removal the hygienist will brush your teeth with gritty toothpaste and an electric toothbrush to remove debris between your teeth before allowing you to rinse your mouth. The toothpaste makes a grinding sound but will not damage tooth enamel. However it is suggested not to use the toothpaste at home because it causes enamel erosion. You also receive an expert flossing demonstration to remove any excess plaque remaining between your teeth before a fluoride treatment to function as a natural fighter against cavities.

The cleaning by the hygienist leaves your teeth appearing brighter from the polishing and eliminates the threat of infections affecting you by effective plaque and tartar removal. The dental exam confirms everything is fine in your mouth and the cleaning is an additional procedure you receive to help your teeth and gums remain in optimal shape.

Alternative Options for Teeth Cleaning without a Dental Exam

If you want to get your teeth cleaned without receiving an exam the optimal alternative option is to seek teeth whitening near you by spending more money than you would for a dental exam and cleaning. In addition while routine exams are covered by dental insurance teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure receiving no coverage from the insurance provider.

If you consider teeth whitening merely to avoid a dental exam your cosmetic dentist will also examine your teeth to determine whether you have any dental infections that prohibit you from receiving this treatment. You will receive the teeth whitening only if your teeth are in excellent shape without infections like tooth decay or gum disease but will have to shell out more dollars than you would for a dental exam and cleaning besides foregoing coverage from your dental insurance provider which you receive for routine exams and cleanings.

Dental exams and cleanings are essential for everyone at six monthly intervals. They are performed in conjunction during the same appointment and completed within the hour. Encanto Family Dental Care receives many patients requesting dental cleanings without the exam but advises them on the benefits of going through both procedures simultaneously by giving them its benefits.

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