Can You Sleep with Dentures, and Can They Hurt Your Mouth?

Can You Sleep with Dentures, and Can They Hurt Your Mouth?

Jul 20, 2022

After spending a few weeks or months without your natural teeth, you might decide to replace them with solutions like implants or dentures. You might have chosen to have dentures because they are a time-tested option serving many, and getting them does not require intensive procedures like surgery. In addition, dentures are significantly more affordable than implants and permit you to have them soon after your tooth socket recovers from tooth extraction.

Your decision to seek tooth replacement solutions are missing teeth is commendable because it restores your mouth functionality allowing you to eat and speak without mumbling, prevents jawbone deterioration, and will enable you to smile without displaying a toothless grin.

Eventually, after receiving your shiny new dental prosthetic from the dental offices near me after trying your new dentures several times, you might think that the solution is similar to replacement solutions remaining in your mouth throughout the day and night. You might even express happiness when you receive information from the provider that the prosthetic must stay in your mouth overnight on the first day of wearing dentures.

Why Is Wearing Dentures on the First Night Advised?

The dentist in Phoenix, AZ, recommends leaving dentures in your mouth overnight to help your gums recover faster. However, can you continue wearing your prosthetics in the mouth all the time? In reality, you must refrain from wearing the appliance at night because it can cause more harm than good. If you are unaware of how to prevent damage to the prosthetic and your mouth, we suggest you continue reading this article on how to keep your dentures free from stains and protect them against bacterial buildup by removing them at night. The removal also provides your gums some time to rest.

The Advantages of Removing Dentures from Your Mouth Overnight

Many health issues can benefit from removing your dentures during the night. The removal ensures it prevents bone loss by relieving the pressure on your gums and the jawbone beneath. In addition, the removal ensures your dentures provide a tighter fit and will not loosen early to increase the chances of slipping and shifting, reduce the foods you can eat and cause embarrassment when speaking.

Your mouth bacteria find a comfortable place to develop in your mouth when you wear the dentures overnight. The space between your dentures and the gums where the bacteria find a nesting place becomes a battle zone between the microorganisms and your gums to make you a victim of gum disease. You might also develop lousy breath by wearing dentures overnight. If you want to avoid all the above and provide your gums with some bacteria-free rest removing the dentures overnight is an optimal option.

Sleeping with your dentures can adversely affect saliva flow, blocking its path to encourage a condition called denture stomatitis. The condition causes swelling beneath your dentures, resulting in yeast-infected and inflamed gums.

Therefore while sleeping with dentures is not a challenge, you might confront the challenges mentioned above and experience discomfort from the prosthetics, which you must try to avoid as best possible.

Overnight Care for Your Dentures

When undergoing dental procedures to receive your artificial teeth, the professional at the clinic would have provided you with sufficient information on the overnight care that your dentures require to become a durable solution for your missing teeth. You must follow the dental professional’s instructions diligently to ensure you don’t damage your dentures or your mouth by caring for them improperly.

Your dentures need similar care as you provide for oral hygiene and do not permit you to ignore them after removal from your mouth. You must ensure you give your artificial teeth similar care as your natural teeth when having them.

Removing the dentures from your mouth every night for cleaning might seem challenging; besides, cleaning your mouth is recommended by the dental clinic providing them. However, you must ensure you clean the dentures every night and again in the morning just as you clean your gums and oral cavity. The dentures are better soaked in the denture solution recommended by the dentist for best results.

Your dentures require rinsing in water before replacing them in your mouth for the day after you wake up in the morning.

Whichever type of dentures you have, leaving them in your mouth overnight is not a great idea unless you have implant-supported dentures, the nonremovable variety. If you have traditional dentures, you must prevent health issues and keep your mouth free from bacteria, maintain the health of your gums, and prevent jawbone deterioration by removing the dental prosthetics overnight when sleeping.

Encanto Family Dental Care provides dentures to replace missing teeth; suggest the practices mentioned in this article as optimal for your dental prosthetics and health. If you want to replace your lost teeth with dentures, kindly contact this practice today to receive your replacement solution and start enjoying a better quality of life.

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