Care after Dental Veneers: Five Tips to Help You

Care after Dental Veneers: Five Tips to Help You

Mar 01, 2021

Suppose you want a quick method of dramatically improving your appearance by fixing cosmetic dentistry issues like damaged/cracked teeth. In that case, there is no better way to accomplish your goal other than using porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers help you treat minor gaps and misalignment issues with your teeth, also treatable by orthodontic braces. However, while braces remain on your teeth for a couple of years, veneers enable you to improve your teeth’ appearance in a couple of visits to the dentist near Phoenix.

Veneers can provide a faster solution giving you a perfect smile you care for in approximately two to three weeks, boosting your confidence in the process. After you get your veneers, it is essential that you care for them appropriately to keep them bright and beautiful. You must aim to ensure your porcelain veneers continue to enhance your smile for years, as they are expected to remain on your teeth for over a decade. Leave your surfaces improperly cared for, and you start noticing plaque and tartar buildup besides other ungainly discoloration.

This blog provides five essential tips to care for your veneers to make them last for ten years or more, retaining their beauty like they were when you got them.

What Are the Five Tips We Suggest?

1. Maintain Excellent Dental Hygiene

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash is excellent after every meal or even twice daily because they help you keep your teeth and any artificial replacements clean and well-maintained. However, your dentist may offer some suggestions to ensure you treat your veneers with proper care.

The most significant problem people confront with veneers is learning how to brush and floss with them. If you are aggressive with your brushing, you can damage the placements to cause chips and cracks. When affixing the veneers, the dentist provides a tutorial on how to brush and floss around the new dental arrangements properly.

2. Consider Switching Your Toothpaste

Besides changing your brushing techniques when caring for your teeth, you must consider switching your toothpaste after getting porcelain veneers. Abrasive substances present in many brands of toothpaste can damage porcelain veneers. You must understand you cannot use gritty toothpaste for brushing teeth like it is familiar during teeth whitening treatments.

When your dentist chooses the veneers, they will carefully match them to your neighboring teeth to ensure they blend in seamlessly with your smile. Teeth staining is prevented appropriately by whitening toothpaste, keeping them looking different from your veneers over time. Whitening toothpaste is also helpful to avoid surface staining on facades.

3. Avoid Harmful Foods

Most foods harmful to your teeth can damage your dental veneers. If you are habitually accustomed to chewing on ice, hard Candy, or your fingernails, you can damage your surfaces, causing chips and cracks. On the other hand, staining foods like tea and coffee, red wine, and food dyes will not adversely affect your placements. Veneers are resistant to staining just like dental crowns — Bridges. However, the staining foods or beverages will discolor the neighboring teeth next to the veneers to cause a visible difference in color over time. You must make every effort to ensure you avoid this occurrence.

4. Quit Detrimental Habits

Detrimental habits like smoking and tobacco products are unhealthy and are particularly harmful to your oral health. Besides the many dangers of tobacco and other products, your health becomes affected by the veneers and also develop yellow stains on them besides your teeth. If you want to protect your surfaces’ appearance, you must avoid potential health concerns, and starting by quitting tobacco is the right way of doing it.

5. Continue with Dental Visits

Suppose you are determined to preserve your veneers and safeguard your investment along with your natural teeth and oral health. In that case, you must maintain proper oral hygiene with an awareness of how different substances are detrimental to your placements. In doing so, you take significant steps forward to keep your smile looking excellent for years.

That said, you must schedule six monthly appointments with your dentist for cleanings and exams. Your veneers will not suffer the same deterioration and tooth decay as your natural teeth. However, it is incredibly essential for you to preserve your genuine smile by maintaining healthy teeth and gums to support your dental veneers.

Dentists help not only to preserve the natural smile and other dental restorations like veneers and crowns but also provide sufficient information to ensure you care for the surfaces appropriately without needing to rush to the emergency dental office in Phoenix, AZ, asking for prompt treatments to repair the placements on your teeth.



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