Know What Dental Problems that Crowns and Bridges Can Fix?

Know What Dental Problems that Crowns and Bridges Can Fix?

Feb 15, 2023

Worn-out teeth, broken teeth, or missing teeth are a source of embarrassment for numerous patients. If you are missing single or many teeth, many replacement options are available to address these issues today. Dental bridges are a good treatment for missing teeth because it helps your mouth start functioning the way it should. It also does not need invasive surgery like dental implants. On the other hand, if you have decayed or slightly broken teeth, getting a dental crown is the perfect option.

Why is it Essential to Replace a Missing Tooth/Teeth?

When a person loses tooth/teeth, the chewing functions get disturbed. Since upper teeth are designed to function well with lower teeth. Due to this, it irritates the gum tissue in the mouth. Loss of tooth/teeth not just results in chewing issues but decreases self-esteem too. The lost tooth can also tilt the surrounding teeth and create areas where tooth decay or gum diseases begin.

Getting the necessary treatment and maintaining proper oral hygiene is the best way to maintain a natural balance and the functioning of a healthy mouth. Today, many options are available in dentistry to replace missing teeth with something that imitates your original teeth. Schedule an appointment at one of the reputed dental offices near you today to treat your missing teeth.

What Dental Problems That Dental Crown & Bridge Can Address?

These dental restorations are helpful to those with:

Pronunciation and Speech Issues

If you have front teeth missing, you might find it hard to create or pronounce a few words. Dental bridges and crowns are an effective solution to restore your teeth and address speech and pronunciation problems.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay begins with tiny holes in the teeth (known as cavities). When you ignore them for longer, these cavities spread and cause tooth breakage or open up the pulp chamber. When this happens, our teeth do not work as they should. Also, it does not look attractive.

The dentist treats tooth decay by suggesting dental cleanings in Phoenix and then putting a crown over the affected tooth. It protects it from further damage, restores the bite, and makes it look good. Bridges can also help those with a missing tooth or teeth due to injury, decay, or gum disease.

Gaps Between Teeth

When you have large gaps between your teeth, you are an ideal candidate for a bridge. But make sure you do not have a weak jawbone. It’s because the dentist needs a healthy jawbone to support the volume of restoration.

Weak Tooth

Dental bridges and crowns can help patients with weak teeth. These procedures effectively restore the chewing and biting pressure. It ultimately allows the person to chew food comfortably. Treating weak teeth also prevents tooth misalignment by distributing the chewing pressure to the adjacent teeth.

What is a Crown and When its Recommended?

A crown is a dental cap of tooth shape added over the affected tooth. It helps to restore tooth size, strength, and shape. The dentist Phoenix AZ will suggest a crown in the following situations:

  • To hold a bridge in position.
  • To grip the portion of the cracked tooth.
  • To cover a dental implant.
  • To restore a massively worn down tooth or tooth already broken.
  • To protect a weak tooth from decay.
  • To mask severe discoloration or strangely shaped teeth.
  • To support and cover a tooth with a large dental filling when there is no sufficient tooth remaining in the mouth.

What is a Bridge and When its Recommended?

A dental bridge is a customized fake tooth or teeth. The dentist usually puts the restoration permanently to fill in the area created by the missing tooth or between two healthy teeth. If you have the following issues, the expert at Encanto Family Dental Care typically recommends dental bridges:

  • When you are losing teeth.
  • When you have huge gaps between teeth.

How to Select a Dentist for a Bridge or Crown?

Sometimes, choosing between a bridge or a crown becomes difficult. But the dentist in Phoenix AZ can help you pick the appropriate treatment as per your case. Make sure your dentist has the required medical certification and education.

Also, inquire whether he/she practices international standards of care and treatment. The dentist will typically use X-rays technology to get clear pictures of your teeth and jaw structure. Then, he/she will decide what procedure is a good fit for you.

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