Laser Gum Contouring Gets Big Smiles

Laser Gum Contouring Gets Big Smiles

Jan 16, 2019

You can never underestimate the power of a beautiful smile. Some studies say that half of the people remember others because of their smiles. If you are not satisfied with your smile, you may consider making improvements for getting flawless pearly white smile. Gum contouring is a new way of improving the smile.

About Contouring and laser

The Family Dentist in Phoenix, AZ, 85015 says that gum contouring is not a new procedure as; earlier dentists used metal scalpels for cutting and shaping the gums followed by applying sutures to the trimmed tissue. While few dentists still use the traditional method, laser contouring is used by others for cutting and sealing the gum tissues.

The Dentist in Phoenix says that advanced laser technology allows to precisely remove the soft tissues quickly as compared to the traditional method. The laser method is comparatively less painful and there is less trauma, discomfort, and bleeding during the laser contouring. There is minimum or no need of numbing.

Benefits of Laser Contouring:

Laser contouring is comparatively safe and an effective way of improving your smile and removing the excess gum tissues. It leaves the gum leaving natural which boosts the confidence. The farther the gum grows, the shorter the tooth appears thus people can choose gum contouring for a more sophisticated look.

Another reason for removing excess gum tissues is giving bacteria lesser space to grow as more bacteria can lead to gum diseases.

Are you a candidate for Laser Contouring?

According to the Dentist near me, if laser contouring appears appealing you should visit the dentist for assessment of your candidacy. It works well on patient with:

  • Short looking teeth
  • Gummy smiles
  • Unevenly distributed gums around teeth
  • Excessively grown teeth

The laser contouring is suggested by dentists if you are undergoing another cosmetic procedure whether it is crown or porcelain veneers. Dental lasers are an ideal way of improving your smile and make a remarkable first impression. You can transform the gums and teeth and feel more confident with a newly found improved smile.

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