Precautions You Need for Taking Care of Your Teeth After Getting Dental Crowns 

Precautions You Need for Taking Care of Your Teeth After Getting Dental Crowns 

Jun 01, 2021

It is such an exciting experience to have your teeth treated. It is not just about improving the appearance of your teeth, but also about boosting the functionality thereof. Before your treatment, the anxiety is always about how painful the procedure will be and whether or not it will be effective to meet your needs. However, after your treatment, the concern is always about whether you have what it takes to care for your teeth.

With dental crowns, you have to be careful about your entire oral health so that you continue results for as long as possible.

What Are Dental Crowns?

They are oral appliances that are used in restorative dentistry to repair, strengthen and restore teeth. A dental crown features a tooth-shaped tooth-colored material that covers the top part of a tooth. On multiple occasions, dentists in Phoenix, AZ use dental crowns Individually. However, crowns are also necessary for creating tooth bridges come out which are used for replacing lost teeth.

There are many reasons for which dental crowns are used in dentistry. The versatility of these or appliances makes them suitable for use in different specialties of dentistry, including general dentistry. Some of the roles that dental crowns serve include the following:

  • Treating dental Cavities and decay
  • Improving the color of discolored teeth
  • Repairing chips, cracks, and breaks on teeth
  • Holding a dental filling in place
  • Making dental bridges for replacing missing teeth
  • Crowning a dental implant after implantation surgery

Precautions for Caring for Your Crowns

Once your dentist in Phoenix installs same-day crowns, the rest of the journey to excellent oral health depends on you. Like how you would care for your typical natural teeth, you should put just as much effort, if not more, into caring for your dental crowns after your procedure. If you don’t, you may need to visit an emergency dentist near you when your dental Crown malfunctions. To avoid such, it is necessary that you consider the following precautions as necessary for caring for your dental crowns.

Do not keep brushing your teeth – while the dental crowns are not particularly your natural teeth, how you care for them regarding dental hygiene should not be any different. Brushing your teeth twice every day will help ensure that no plaque forms on your crowns or beneath them along the gum line. Other than that, ensure you:

  • Floss your teeth every day to get rid of plaque and tartar in between your teeth in the dental crowns.
  • Stay away from hard foods – whether crushing hard foods is your go-to comfort food or not, you have to be careful about what you eat after you get dental crowns. Hard to chew and bite foods like ice cubes or hard candies can have detrimental effects on your dental crowns.
  • Avoid sticky foods – It’s not just hard food that you need to be careful about. When it comes to caring for your teeth after getting crowns, you have to also be hesitant about eating sticky foods. Sticky foods often get stuck in the fissures of teeth, and can sometimes even dislodge a dental crown, especially if it was not properly installed.
  • Be cautious about pigmented foods – foods like red wine and coffee are good, but they are more likely to stain teeth than other foods. Although porcelain dental crowns are meant to improve the appearance of your smile or while strengthening them, they are not completely stain-resistant. Even so, the porcelain material of the crowns does not stain as easily as other dental materials, they do stain. The disadvantage here is that dental crowns cannot be white and as is the case with your natural teeth. This means, if you get a stain on your dental crowns, they will remain stained for as long as you have them.
  • Make changes in your oral habits – generally, negative oral habits are detrimental to your teeth whether or not you have dental crowns. However, once you get dental crowns, you have to take better care of your teeth so that your crowns can serve you for as long as possible. Some of the habits you need to drop include biting your fingernails, grinding your teeth, putting sharp objects in between your teeth, crushing candies, to mention a few.
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