Root Canal Treatments: Do They Cause Any Health Problems?

Root Canal Treatments: Do They Cause Any Health Problems?

Jan 01, 2021

Root canals are dental procedures performed to preserve decaying, injured, or infected teeth. Root canals therapy is a standard procedure for a cracked tooth or a deep cavity resulting in painful conditions.

Root canal therapy is carried out under anesthesia like any other invasive procedure. You will experience mild discomfort around your mouth for a few days. However, your dentist provides medications to minimize the pain until you heal.

You may be alarmed or hesitant to undergo root canal therapy if you have heard about the widespread claims mentioning it causes cancer and other health problems. Is there any truth behind the claims made? This article looks at the reality of making you understand that root canals are entirely safe and do not leave any side effects on you. In fact, they help to preserve your natural tooth after the infected teeth pulp is removed from within the tooth.

The Myth about Root Canal Treatments

Many myths are prevailing about root canal treatments that are being debunked in this article. The American Association of Endodontists has confirmed that root canal treatments don’t cause any illnesses. There is no scientific evidence to substantiate the claims linking root canals as a reason for diseases or other health concerns.

The myth about root canals originated from the 1920s when a dentist named Dr. Weston Price claimed that localized infections cause some chronic conditions. He assumed that decayed or infected teeth undergoing root canal treatments harbored harmful toxins to provide a breeding ground for different health conditions.

The theory by Price is unreliable because the conditions for his research were poorly controlled. Moreover, other researchers couldn’t replicate his results to confirm his theory. Therefore Price’s theory is disproved over the years by well-researched tests. These days root canal treatments are pretty standard and save millions of teeth every year in the United States alone. Root canals are a widely accepted dental treatment to provide pain relief without posing any risk to the individual undergoing the treatment.

How Safe Are Root Canal Treatments?

Root canal treatments performed by Encanto family dental care are entirely safe and are recommended because it is the most effective method to treat infected teeth. The center of the tooth is drilled by a dentist or endodontist to clean out the infection and fill the canals to save the tooth.

When your dentist recommends root canal treatments for your oral condition, you should have no concerns about the therapy. Modern dentistry has advanced to make root canals safe and effective.

The Risk of Avoiding Root Canal Treatment

The widespread myths about root canal treatments encourage many people to avoid undergoing therapy exposing themselves to many health hazards. If you decide not to treat an infected tooth, you risk tooth abscesses, incredible toothaches, bone loss, swelling, and infections.

The bacteria in your mouth can invade the pulp to cause tooth infections. When this infection is not treated, it spreads and damages the bone holding your teeth. The disease also extends to other parts of your body, leading to sepsis, a life-threatening condition.

The sole method to avoid root canal treatment is to have your tooth extracted and begin searching for replacements that need multiple appointments with your dentist, besides considerable expenditure for an artificial tooth. Therefore it is suggested that you do not refrain from undergoing root canal treatments if the procedure is recommended to you by your dentist.

If you want to have a perfect smile and optimal dental hygiene, you must find a dentist around you who you can trust. If you have tooth decay and are convinced with the explanation, we provide you can rest assured the team at Encanto family dental care is available to bring back the healthy and dazzling smile on your face. Fearing root canals will not help you. The optimal method to eliminate the discomfort you experience is to undergo root canal therapy accomplished within one or two appointments at the dentist’s office.

Any pain you experience is after the dentist completes root canal treatment and not during the procedure. Dentists have prepared themselves to partner with you in providing excellent dental health. If you want to benefit from the generosity of dentists, you must extend your hand in affirmation whenever you are recommended root canal therapy to preserve your tooth.

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