Six Things You Need to Know About Orthodontics

Six Things You Need to Know About Orthodontics

Mar 19, 2019

When it comes to orthodontic treatments and procedures, people have a lot of misconception. These misconceptions are a result of lack of knowledge or a poor source of information. It can also be from an individual that was not satisfied from the treatment. However, these factors should not affect your decision if you are planning to go for orthodontic treatment. Let us get some insight on orthodontic treatment and what you need to known about them.

It’s always best to see a specialist

This goes without saying that for any treatment or procedure, you must choose none but the best in Phoenix. Some dentists also offer orthodontic treatment but it is better to visit a qualified and experienced orthodontist, who specializes in related procedures. In some places, the orthodontists undergo additional years of training after qualifying as dentists.

Braces aren’t just for children

It’s a misconception that braces are only for children. While they are most effective during growing years, even adults can benefits significantly from the, as far as aesthetic appeal is concerned, you can find clear braces which won’t be visible from far and you can also remove them while events or eating food.

You won’t look like Ugly Betty

There is no reason for you to feel diffident after getting the braces. You don’t need to go through the embarrassment of wearing metal braces as clear aligners are made of plastic and they are almost invisible.

Your smile won’t just be straighter

The orthodontic treatment is not just for straight teeth and aesthetic appeal. You can also benefit in other ways as they are easy to clean and function better.

You’ll need to wear retainers

Once the orthodontic procedure is complete, you need to wear the retainers for holding teeth in new position while new bone is formed around the teeth. You can choose from fixed and removable retainers.

You don’t need a referral

You don’t need your dentist to refer you for an orthodontic treatment. If you feel the need for straighter teeth, you can directly contact them.

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