Tooth Extractions: What You Need To Know

Tooth Extractions: What You Need To Know

Nov 20, 2022

Do you have an impacted wisdom tooth, severely infected or decayed tooth? You can undergo a dental extraction and minimize the risk of further spread of the infection or tooth deterioration. If you have an infected tooth, the infection may spread to your tooth roots and bone, leading to bone deterioration. In addition, gum disease causes your teeth to become loose and gum tissues to recede if untreated. Our dentist Phoenix, AZ, may recommend you undergo tooth extraction if all other procedures don’t save your natural tooth. This article explores more on teeth extractions and the reasons why it’s done.

What Makes You An Ideal Candidate For Tooth Extraction?

Your tooth may be pulled out if your tooth is severely damaged, and the alternative treatment cannot suffice. It’s important to follow the ideal oral health measures your dentist provides. Below are several reasons why our dentist in Phoenix, AZ, may recommend you undergo dental extractions:

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay or infection affected one or multiple teeth
  • Having a painful, infected, or impacted wisdom tooth that has developed a cyst
  • Traumatic injury that causes damage to your tooth beyond repair
  • Overcrowded teeth that cause gum soreness or difficulty in eating
  • Taking medication that suppresses the immune system leads to tooth Infection
  • A primary tooth that fails to fall out on time
  • The need for orthodontic dental work like the placement of braces

Our specialists recommend you undergo periodic dental cleanings in Phoenix to avoid tooth extraction. However, your tooth may require an extraction procedure despite observing proper oral hygiene.

What Does A Tooth Pull Out Entail?

Your tooth may be pulled out through two different options, and here are the types of dental extractions:

Simple Extraction

Your oral surgeon performs a simple tooth extraction if the infected or affected tooth is above your gum line. The technique is quick and non-invasive, but a local anesthetic is needed to numb the extraction site. Your inflicted tooth is made loose before being pulled out of its socket.

Surgical Extraction

tooth Infection, periodontal infection, or impacted wisdom tooth may compel your oral surgeon to perform a surgical tooth extraction. The procedure is highly invasive, and your dentist cuts through the gum tissues to allow the tooth to be pulled out. Sedation may be needed to alleviate pain during the entire procedure.

What To Expect During A Tooth Extraction Procedure

Do you have anxiety over a tooth extraction procedure? The procedure may be extensive, but you don’t have to panic. During preparation, your specialist administers local or general anesthetic, depending on the type of extraction. Here’s a look at the step-by-step tooth extraction procedure:

  • Anesthetic is administered around the extraction site to numb the area and alleviate pain during the procedure
  • After the anesthetic is effective on your soft tissues, your tooth socket is surgically widened to loosen the inflicted tooth for removal.
  • The tooth is pulled out, and gauze is placed on the extracted socket to enhance blood clotting.
  • Your socket is stitched, and the healing process begins

You’ll like to feel some discomfort that fades away with time. Your dentist can recommend you take pain relievers if the pain persists. However, undergoing dental cleanings in Phoenix can lower the risk of tooth loss or the need for a tooth extraction. Our specialists recommend you undergo dental exams and cleaning biannually.

How Will I Recover From A Tooth Extraction?

After your tooth is pulled out, your dentist will place gauze on the extracted socket and provide precautionary tips for biting it down to prevent bleeding. You can use an ice pack on your face to reduce swelling. In addition, it’s imperative to avoid strenuous activities, using straws, smoking, or eating hard foods to avoid bleeding. Your dentist can also recommend you take pain relievers to alleviate pain after the procedure.

It’s crucial to follow all the aftercare tips for recovery. At Encanto Family Dental Care, we perform tooth extraction if alternative procedures can’t save your natural tooth. Additionally, we provide useful oral health practices and instructions to enhance smooth recovery and alleviate discomfort after the procedure. Please visit our dental clinic and undergo personalized tooth extraction today!

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