What You Should Do and Not Do Before & After Root Canal?

What You Should Do and Not Do Before & After Root Canal?

Feb 01, 2021

The root canal is one of the conventional treatments in dentistry. It treats severe cavities and saves your tooth from further damage. Few people percept this treatment as painful. Because of this, they refrain from going ahead and avail the procedure for the betterment of their oral health.

Root-canal involves no pain if it is properly done by a trained professional. Our skilled dentist Phoenix AZ is qualified and believes in doing their work with accuracy. There are countless benefits patients get through the procedure like it pain-relief, saving the tooth from damage, and avoiding the need for extraction. It restores the facial bone structure and retains ease in eating, speaking, and off-course in smiling.

A root canal is a safe and amazing procedure to help you with your oral health. So when you go for it, there is a list of some do’s that you should consider following immediately before having a root canal.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Root Canal?

Below are the important steps that will help you prepare for Root canal treatment:

Say Strictly No! To Tobacco and Alcohol

Tobacco is the most hazardous substance to intake for oral health. Regular chewing not only damages your teeth but it put you at risk of mouth cancer. Therefore, we will advise you to stop its consumption forever. Similarly, alcohol also causes damage to your teeth. Experienced dentists advise not to drink at least 24 hours of having root canals treatment.

Make Sure to Eat Before the Procedure

The root canal process involves the use of anesthesia to numb the area from where the tooth pulp would be removed. It will take some hours to recover the effect of the chemical, during the time your dentist will strictly instruct you not to eat. So having your meal before would help you to recover more easily and in less time.

Ask Your Dentist about the Procedure

It would be very good for you to understand the procedure fully. If you have any questions and confusion, you should open-up with your dentist to ask anything that bothers you in your head.

Don’t Forget to Take a Pain-killer

Your dentist will advise you to take an anti-inflammatory pain killer before starting the procedure. It helps avoid chances for swelling.

Get Full-Night Sleep

A night of quality sleep increases the healing process. Thus, you should have a good sleep before and after having the procedure. If you will follow all the instructions given, you will go through the tooth restoration process comfortably.

What to Do After the Root Canal Procedure?

Root canal therapy is an effective treatment and can save your teeth for the next many years. The longevity of the treatment would only depend on the care and attention you will pay to maintain your new teeth. After having the treatment, all your issues like sensitivity, pain, and bleeding if any would stop immediately. You will retain all the lost comforts forever.

Here we are giving some tips that you should follow after the treatment to ensure the durability of the treatment.

Avoid Eating Hard Foods

Numbing of your teeth will recover after few hours of the treatment. But don’t forget the new tooth will take time to set inside your mouth. Make sure you lead ahead cautiously. Be mindful of what you are eating.

Be Soft While Brushing and Flossing

After having the treatment, for the next few days, you should be soft with the day-to-day activities you follow to keep up your oral hygiene. Gently, do brushing as well as flossing. Avoid sticky and sugary foods. They can cause cavities inside the mouth and can ruin your whole treatment by forming bacteria.

Follow Your Endodontist

After completion of the process, you will get some prescriptions from the professional. Listen to him/her carefully and follow them religiously to recover faster. He will advise you on diet and prescribe some medication to alleviate pain. Don’t ignore him/her. Try to follow the lifestyle suggested because everything is for your betterment.

Root-Canal is a painless procedure. If you want to reap maximum outcome from it and want to ensure its lifetime durability, you should go with a professional and qualified endodontist. It will help you get worthy treatment.

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