Why Improve Your Oral Hygiene in 2023?

Why Improve Your Oral Hygiene in 2023?

Feb 02, 2023

Oral hygiene plays a pivotal role in not only improving dental health but also overall health. The dentist also recommends getting dental exams and regular teeth cleanings twice a year at dental offices for an enhanced quality of life. Therefore, as 2023 is coming taking good care of your teeth and gums daily will let you enjoy a happy and healthy life for longer. It also means ending up saving tons of dollars on featured dental treatment.

Advantages of A Great Oral Hygiene

We have outlined a few of the benefits of a good dental hygiene routine:

Prevents Gum Diseases and Dental Caries

Did you know gum disease affects about half of adults in America? Maintaining perfect dental hygiene is a great way to prevent gum diseases and the development of cavities.

Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum disease caused by plaque accumulation around the teeth. It can result in swollen teeth and gums and bleeding while brushing your teeth. To eradicate these oral issues, the dentist Phoenix AZ typically suggests flossing and brushing regularly.

Reduces Healthcare Cost

Another advantage of improving oral hygiene is reducing the overall cost of healthcare in the long term. The cost of flossing, routine dental check-ups, and toothpaste is much less than treating diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, etc.

Lowers the Risk of Cancer

Gum diseases lead to certain cancer types, mainly pancreatic cancer. Few researchers claim that mouth bacteria may increase the growth of cancer cells. If you use tobacco more often and have gum disease, the risk of cancer increases more. One study also claims that women between the 54-86 age group are more prone to cancer risk if they have a history of gum disease.

Boost Lung Health

When mouth bacteria enter from the mouth to other body parts, it results in respiratory infections. These include pneumonia and obstructive pulmonary disease. And did you know they are the primary cause of death in the USA?

Ensures a Safe and a Healthy Pregnancy

Poor dental care not only affects the fertility of a woman but pregnancy too. One study has shown a link between bad oral health and pregnancy complications like preterm birth and low-term birth.

Practicing good oral hygiene by pregnant women will ensure a healthy birth weight for the baby. Gum diseases increase the levels of a chemical that induces labor. It results in an underweight and premature baby.

Prevent Loss of Tooth

The build-up of plaque due to neglecting dental health results in tooth decay and gum infection. This further results in tooth loss. Flossing and brushing every day and visiting the dentist twice a year for cleanings and check-ups will help you minimize plaque build-up and prevent tooth loss.

Improves Your Confidence Level

Although stubborn stains on your teeth cause no harm to your dental health, they make you feel embarrassed and less confident. Sticking to good dental hygiene is the best way to feel confident in your smile. By scheduling routine professional teeth cleaning at Encanto Family Dental Care, you can easily eradicate these teeth stains.

Ensure Weight Loss Success

If you are trying hard to get a silhouette, try to improve your oral hygiene in 2023. A healthy weight means good overall health. It also minimizes the risk of other diseases like diabetes, heart stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, etc.

Stops Bad Breath

Halitosis or bad breath is caused by bacterial build-up in the mouth. Routine dental cleanings in Phoenix and other at-home oral hygiene routine is an effective remedy to eradicate plaque accumulation and calculus on the teeth. This keeps your breath smelling good.

Prevents More Serious Diseases

Achieving perfect oral hygiene is the best way to prevent serious issues like dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. Studies have claimed that gum disease-causing bacteria are also found in patients with heart diseases. Gum infection can make the bacteria move into the bloodstream. It increases the risk of heart stroke or attack.

Also, there is a two-way connection between gum disease and diabetes. Individuals struggling with diabetes are more prone to serious gum diseases. Furthermore, advanced gum disease makes it tough to control blood glucose which results in the progression of diabetes. Poor dental health also means an increased risk of dementia by one-third.

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