Dental Cleanings & Exams in Phoenix, AZ

Dental Cleanings & Exams in Phoenix, AZ

At Encanto Family Dental Care we believe that preventive dentistry is one of the most important tools for having a beautiful, healthy smile. We recommend that most of our patients visit us at least twice a year (those with chronic dental issues may need to visit more often) for a professional dental examination and cleaning. Although at home dental care is highly important, most patients miss specific areas of their mouth, leaving the perfect environment for decay, infection, and disease.

Dental Cleanings Near Me

During a professional dental cleaning in Phoenix, we use specialized tools, experience, and knowledge to thoroughly clean your entire mouth, removing any plaque and tartar buildup. Professional dental cleanings can reduce your risk of decay, infection, and disease while improving your breath and brightening your smile.

Dental Exams Near Me

During your comprehensive dental examination, we thoroughly evaluate your entire mouth, checking for any signs or risk factors for decay, infection, disease and even cancer. In the event that any complications are noticed, a treatment plan can be created to get your dental health back in order. At Encanto Family Dental Care, we make sure to discuss all treatment options and outcomes so that our patients can make the most informed decision possible.

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When is the last time you visited your dentist for a professional examination and cleaning? Schedule your appointment with Encanto Family Dental Care; we look forward to treating your smile.

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