Emergency Dental Care in Phoenix, AZ

Emergency Dental Care in Phoenix, AZ
Same-Day Emergency Appointment

Have you or a loved one experienced a dental emergency? The next time you think, “I need an emergency dentist near me open now,” don’t hesitate to contact our local emergency dentist in Phoenix at Encanto Family Dental Care right away! At our emergency dental offices near you, we are always happy to see patients during their time of need. Prior to visiting Encanto Family Dental Care, here are some helpful tips for handling your dental emergency. Remember to always remain calm.

  • You should first gently, yet thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water, this can help to rinse any debris or bacteria from the mouth and clean the affected area.
  • If your tooth has been broken or is dislodged, place the pieces or tooth in a cup of water or whole milk to keep it moist.
  • Do not take aspirin for any pain, instead use ibuprofen or acetaminophen which won’t promote increased bleeding.
  • Let us know exactly what happens upon arrival, depending upon the specific cause of your dental injury, treatment may be different.
  • Please keep in mind that different dental emergencies will require different treatment options and the treatment time can vary greatly.
  • Certain dental emergencies may require follow-up appointments to finish treatment or just monitor the status of your oral health.

Visit Our Phoenix Emergency Dentist Right Away

If you or a loved one have experienced a dental emergency, contact our weekend emergency dentist in your area at Encanto Family Dental Care right away. Our walk-in emergency dentist in Phoenix, AZ would be happy to fit you into our schedule so that we can address your emergency and get your oral health back in order with our emergency dental services near you.

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