Orthodontics In Phoenix, Az

Orthodontics In Phoenix, Az

Do you have crooked, misaligned or gapped teeth in your smile? Dreaming of a more attractive and functional smile? At Encanto Family Dental Care we are proud to offer orthodontic treatment in Phoenix, AZ for our patients interested in a more functional and appealing smile. You will find that our nearest orthodontist in Phoenix, AZ offers both traditional metal braces and Invisalign® depending upon your oral health, smile goals and overall budget. Wondering if orthodontic care is right for you? We recommend adult orthodontics near Scottsdale and orthodontic treatment in your area to address:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open Bites
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Gapped Teeth
  • Overcrowded Teeth

Traditional Braces

When most people think of orthodontic treatment, traditional metal braces come to mind. With traditional braces, brackets, wires and elastic bands are used to slowly shift teeth and jaws into a more desirable, healthy, functional and appealing position.

Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign® is a newer form of orthodontic treatment which allows patients to slowly shift the teeth and jaws into a more desirable position discreetly. Invisalign® uses clear aligners which are designed specifically for your oral health and smile goals.

Orthodontic treatment is not only beneficial for the appearance of a smile but can also improve overall function and also make dental care/hygiene easier. Those that neglect orthodontic treatment can have higher risks of decay, infection and even disease.

Visit our Dental Office in Phoenix Today

Our affordable orthodontic treatment is offered by a licensed general dentist and orthodontist around you. Interested in orthodontic treatment in Phoenix, AZ to improve the appearance, function, and health of your smile? Schedule your appointment with our local orthodontic offices near you at Encanto Family Dental Care today.

*Orthodontic treatment is offered by a licensed general dentist in Arizona.

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