Sedation Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

 Sedation Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

Does the thought of visiting the dentist make you cringe? Neglecting your oral health due to a dental phobia? At Encanto Family Dental Care we understand dental anxiety and are proud to offer sedation dentistry in Phoenix, AZ. With sedation dentistry, our patients can receive the treatments they need while being in a calm and relaxed state.

Oral Sedation Dentistry Near Me

Oral sedation is the perfect option for patients who experience mild to moderate dental anxiety. Prior to treatment, patients are prescribed an oral medication used to treat anxiety which provides them with a relaxed, calmed state. Patients remain awake and are able to communicate; however, many patients report not remembering the procedure.

IV Sedation Dentistry Near Me

IV sedation is a better option for patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety and is administered intravenously. With IV sedation the medication tends to take effect much quicker. Patients may become extremely drowsy and not remember the procedure at all.

Following either oral or IV sedation, it is required that patients have a way to return home safely. We recommend taking it easy following your procedure to give the sedatives time to wear off.

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